Is Alexa and Voice mainstream?

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A scene with the Echo in Mr. Robot this week.

This past Wednesday night, Mr. Robot drew 770,000 viewers. Of course, it’s likely that many more people actually saw the show through torrent or other means. While the Echo had a cameo a few weeks ago, in this past episode, it had a whole scene:

Alexa, what color are your eyes?
Alexa, do you love me?
Alexa, good night.

These were just some of the questions asked of Alexa.

If any of those viewers were unaware of the Echo before, they now definitely know what it is. This is going on over and over again as Amazon announcements slowly seep into the 6 o’clock news. Back in April, an article came out claiming that at that time, 47% of the US market was aware of the Amazon Echo. It’s likely that this number today is much higher. My guess is 60% or more.

Once Alexa devices hit 10 US million households, it’s likely that it’ll start quickly cascade into more homes even quickly. It will also pave the way for other companies voice products to come in.

Some quick facts from Charlie Kindel’s keynote at CEDIA in Dallas this morning:

  • Average Echo use is 16 times per day

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