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For fun, I decided to change my screen colors to grayscale and then to invert them. The first reason was more strategic. I was hovering around 11% power and wanted to see how far I could push the battery life. The second was that I wanted to see if changing the color scheme would help me focus at all. Checking out Facebook or watching videos is a creepy experience in monochrome and inverted. Third, I wanted to mimic the experience of my 386 days when we had a monochrome monitor and PC in the basement running MS DOS.

There’s a fourth reason. I was on a flight, and I didn’t want to light up the whole cabin with my monitor. This provided a perfect visual solution.

This feature, availability on every Mac, is something we can often take advantage of. It’s like remembering that you have a sauna or jacuzzi in your home that you never use. Enjoy it!

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