Instant Coffee

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For a long time, when I had lots of time and two unencumbered hands to prepare a hot beverage, I’d scoff at the idea of instant coffee. It was garbage, I’d tell myself. All the flavour is ruined.

I’d be there with my upside down Aeropress, thinking about the rich and deep flavours I’m extracting and that all of the delicate notes would be lost if coffee was brewed and then dried and then combined again with boiling water. How unrefined!

However, what I’ve learned is that instant coffee is just a different type of coffee beverage. Flavoured coffee, both instant and brewed, is a different beverage. Cappuccinos are a different coffee beverage. And that it’s OK to like different things.

To me, instant coffee means I can get the kick and prepare it one handed in about a minute total and about 10 seconds of preparation. Even though I drink it black, it also reminds me of the Nesqwik chocolate milk I drank as a kid.

It’s about the same effort (or less) than a Nespresso shot at about 1/20th the cost. Of course, why compare? They’re not the same.

There’s a place for instant coffee… when you need it quick, when you need to make it with one hand, when you want something different than what you’re normally drinking.

There’s also the equivalent of “instant coffee” in other areas of life.



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