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Continuing to unpack the announcements from Amazon last week, it’s interesting to see the spattering of devices and their potential applications.

The Echo Input is like Echo Dot, minus it’s own speaker. Amazon must have seen the Echo Dot being used with its aux output and thought that there was a sufficient market to connect a similar device to other speakers and save on the cost of speaker components. This seems like the frugal option for those with a speaker but still wanted Alexa. How it will function with Bluetooth latency will be interesting to see.

The Link Amp seems to be meant for audiophiles who absolutely need to connect to higher end speakers. Amazon may try to chip away at others entering this space or prevent Apple or Google from getting a foothold. However, audiophiles may scoff at an Amazon amp. It’s unproven and they are a fickle bunch, looking at things like what conductors are used to plate the ports.

Sub is a direct attack on the HomePod and Google Home Max, as well as the Sonos ONE. It will take time for the reviews to circulate before it can make an impact on the market. Amazon might get more traction by paying to integrate into higher end speakers with exclusivity.

What we’re seeing with these devices is Amazon branch out to more niches in the audio space to entrench itself. Music is the killer app for voice so if it can control the experience, it also has the ability to be even more seamless and sell Amazon Music, locking out Google and Apple.

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