Incremental Improvements

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Today was first air travel in a few weeks and it was interesting to see how multiple incremental improvements can start to make an experience much better.

First, there was the additional of new bin dispenser to reduce the clamouring for putting items through in the security queue.

Then, there was V3 (or many many other versions) of Air Canada’s mobile app that, while still having issues, dealt well with Internet connectivity and was able to expose standby and upgrade lists at the gate.

Lastly, my phone was also better than the last time I had traveled extensively and it was now easier to between multiple apps running to show my boarding pass. The three of these improvements added up to reduce uncertainty and grease the airport travel experience, making it seem much easier.

This is likely how we’ll feel about many experiences over the coming years. We won’t feel the individual improvements but will be hit suddenly by the cumulative benefits.

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