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Hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to CES right now and while I’ll tell you what I actually see, based on what I’m reading (and experience)…

  • We’ll see a lot of voice-enabled product. Google and Amazon have a big presence this year and they’ll likely be vying for companies to embed their AI assistants in their products.
  • Lots of AI-enabled products that feed sensor data that is then processed into something.
  • Lots of unmemorable devices. Just a sea of cellphone cases, IoT devices, selfie sticks, headphones… from all over the world.
  • 8K TVs and some ridiculous large TV displays will be everywhere on the main stage. These actually might fall into the unmemorable category because can you really tell the difference between a 4K and an 8K monitor under “normal” viewing?

More from the road soon…

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