I’ll Never Again Complain About…

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If one of the kids was sick and I needed to work from home to be with them, I used to think it was a disaster. It wasn’t. Now I know better. Meetings, phone calls, even video calls — they can all be done while at home with kids, even if kids are crawling all over you. Yes, it’s a distraction, but it’s not the disaster I thought it was.

My hope for us dealing with COVID-19 and isolation/distancing is that we all become a little more accepting of everyone’s situations. Things take a bit longer, but they eventually get done. Our wires are all a little more frayed, but we can still have fully intact humanity.

There are some things that we’ve held onto that need a hard reset and when they come back, and they will, maybe we can design for something even better and more resilient, with more kindness and humanity.

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