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It’s been awhile since I tested the capability of Google’s speech tool in Google Docs. I’ve used this feature before to write out long form articles. I have especially found it useful when trying to put together speeches and presentations.

What I found in using the more recent version of this tool is that it’s a much more fluid. saying something like you want to add a new paragraph is very convenient… Except for just now when I needed to correct for that statement. Also, one of the annoyances in the past that has now been eliminated was the end of speech detection. The tool would time out much more quickly and require me to come back and use my mouse in order to re-engage the speech to text feature.

I like where this is going. bid is evident that there has been a lot of progress over the past few months and if the trajectory continues, over the next year or two this may be my go-to tool for all large writing tasks. The main challenge in writing by dictation is that you have to pause a lot to think about what you are going to put down as text. You almost need to think of the entire sentence and commit to it.

The benefit, is that it forces ideas to come out one sentence at a time as opposed to bursts of 3 to 5 words. Of course, it is much faster than typing. Some recommendations for Google:

  • Having a keyboard shortcut for turning the microphone on and off
  • Having a list of voice shortcuts I can be spoken bold dictating
  • Allowing for some feedback of the accuracy during dictation
  • Getting a report about how many manual fixes for required during dictation

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