I Didn’t Want to Interrupt

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My father was having a Facetime chat with his granddaughter, discussing how bread is made. He mentioned that yeast was used to make dough rise. “What’s yeast?” my daughter asked. “It’s a type of bacteria” he responded. “Really?” I thought, listening in on the conversation.

I walked to the kitchen and picked up my phone. Looking up the article on Wikipedia, I thought something was amiss. Yeast was a part of the fungi kingdom! Aha! I walked back into frame… *cough cough*, “Isn’t yeast a fungus?”… “Ah, yes… it is” my father responded. I told him that I thought so but wanted to look it up before I mentioned anything. “Couldn’t you just ask Alexa?” he asked. Hmm…

“I didn’t want to interrupt” I said.

That had me thinking. Part of the challenge of being a know-it-all is knowing when to express your knowledge. Interrupting another conversation isn’t necessarily the best way to show this. However, could Alexa be a better know it all?

I could imagine a day within the next five years where Amazon enables a “Know it all” mode for Alexa. Your Echo Show will then continuously listen and start to correct you for all the wrong things you’ve said. You’ll be able to review them after. This could be like reviewing your Google Maps Timeline, except for all the wrong things you’ve said.

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