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Lately, Google has been throwing at me ReCaptcha’s. Likely, it’s that my VPN IP address has been used by many others and it’s causing too many requests into Google so Google is slowing these down with ReCaptcha or at least making sure it’s not being hit but a denial of service attack.

However, there is something a little off putting about checking a box that says that “I’m not a robot”. First of all, I know in some way, I’m being used as a mechanical turk to profit someone else. That’s off putting that my time, even in seconds, is being wasted like this. If it were for a noble cause, then I’d have less of an issue but identifying all photos with fire hydrants does not make me feel warm and fuzzy.

The other issue is that it’s going to be more difficult to prove that I’m not a robot. That will be the case or all of us — especially when we’re browsing. We might have to give access to our cameras or mics or provide some very personal information like heart variability to get past a liveness test.

Maybe every site will have a two-factor authentication to gain access to it?

Eventually, there will be a tradeoff. Otherwise, we’ll see two extremes — Tor browsing under multiple VPNs and remote desktops or providing complete access to our data to verify it’s truly us who are browsing.

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