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It’s interesting to occasionally take a look at one’s activities from time to time to see how they might change. Beyond so passionate about voice technologies, I love to audit my own experiences.

The first application I used today was voice typing on my phone. I’m very slow typing in Hebrew but using Android and Google’s Gboard, I can dictate fairly quickly and the accuracy, even with my broken speaking is good.

Next, I found myself in the car. I used Android Auto and Google Assistant to ask to play a song from Spotify. Over and over again.

Later in the day, I used my Google Home Mini to set a timer.

All of the experiences were imperfect. The transcription made errors, Android Auto pulled up the wrong song, and Google Home Mini false rejected me a few times and didn’t hear me cancel the alarm.

However, you don’t need to be perfect to be effective and these voice tools were definitely helpful.

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