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From Cult of Mac

Patently Apple released a few patents that could potentially make it into future versions of the HomePod. Back in August, I thought about how Apple Could leapfrog the market. It’s come back from low market share in the past with the Mac.

So what are some of the interesting applications of these patents?

  • Gesture Recognition. Sure, waiving to trigger the device could be interesting but what if you could detect more like walking towards the device, pacing around, being upset. It allows for more input with the invasiveness of a video feed.
  • Smart Fabric. The idea that this fabric cover could potentially also display graphics is intriguing. What does a cylindrical display look like? Could it identify where the user is viewing it from and change the keystone to make it appear like the graphics are flat? Could it project? Could it be similar to a lamp?

What I like is that by Apple going in a different direction than the Goole Home and Amazon Echo, it allows it to create something unique and interesting… maybe something that could be even more desirable by consumers in the future.

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