Holiday Hours May Be In Effect

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It’s fairly predictable for me to be confused this time of year. Here, Good Friday is a holiday. Easter Monday is a government holiday, meaning public schools are also closed.

Google, at least for those who use “Google My Business”, is on top of trying to determine if business are going to be open on the holidays. However, it seems like many chains don’t update Google with their holiday hours, at least in Canada, so you get the message “Hours may be different due to holiday” or something along those lines.

The result is that as a consumer, you need to either call the store to verify the holiday hours or your need to visit their website and scroll to some branch page after putting in a zip or postal code. It’s a minor frustration.

Last May, Google presented holiday hour verification as one of the scenarios for Google Duplex calls. If this were the case, it would essentially be a nicer version of a robocall to a business… which is probably why we didn’t hear about it.

What might be another way for Google to verify? Just look at foot traffic from previous holidays to see if people were in the store.

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