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I’m not sure where the improvement took place. It might be my new phone or it might be Google, or both. However, I was surprised when Google Assistant started to reliably work in my car when my phone was mounted.

“OK Google, Play my songs from Spotify”

“OK Google, Play Britney Spears from YouTube” (for illustration purposes only)

“OK Google, send a text message to John that I’m running 5 minutes behind”

Works. Works. Works. It worked when my phone was locked and the screen off, it worked while music was playing via Bluetooth. It worked over car noise.

With the exception of the new phone, nothing was new in my car. No new Bluetooth microphone / speakerphone.

Maybe this is the slow grind of technology finally catching up to hard problems. It could be the improved acoustic echo cancellation and beam forming technologies. It could be speech recognition that can be resilient to environmental noise. However, when things finally click, the technology adapts to life, rather than require us to adapt to it.

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