Google: Missing An Opportunity

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Today, I set up a Google Home Mini. Setting this up through the Google Home app on Android was seamless. The app discovered the new Google Home and in less than a minute, the setup process was complete.

And then…

Please while we update the device’s software. Estimated time: 4 minutes.

I’m paraphrasing the above, but are you frickin’ kidding me? This might be the first time someone experiences your device and you’re making them wait for a software update.

There are two things that are horribly wrong here, Google…

  1. We shouldn’t know about firmware updates to the Google Home or any connected device. They should happen in the background while we’re sleeping.
  2. If you absolutely do need to do this, let’s not make it the FIRST EXPERIENCE with the product.

This is easy stuff. Google, you’re at war with Amazon. Every edge helps.

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