Google Home’s Action Growth

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Recently, new “Actions” have come to Google Home — Domino’s, Netflix, Headspace. Thirty four are now available. You can check out the current list here. However, we’ll probably see a mushrooming very soon of new actions over the coming months — maybe 300 by the end of March 2017.

What’s different in Actions for Google than Alexa Skills Kit is that the former is designed to also be accessible on the hundreds of millions of Android devices that are already in market through Google Assistant (Assistant is now embedded inside of Google’s Android keyboard). This makes it compelling for developers who might want to bring a new audience into their APIs and services.

When Google releases its numbers behind Google Home shipments, it’ll help attract (or maybe detract) developers. Likewise, the Embedded Google Assistant SDK might draw in developers as Assistant spreads to more devices.

Amazon could counter this by releasing its own Alexa Voice Service integration either onto (a mic button?) or maybe into its Amazon apps for Android / iPhone. If it does, it likely will be after a lot of hard engineering work on perfecting the user experience.

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