Google Fails and Successes of the Day

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A few days ago, I thought about how Google Assistant has progressed quite a bit and is performing better in the car. It was working well for playing music while driving and even interrupting a song. Today, I had one success and one failure.

“OK Google, how far away from a fire hydrant do you need to park in Ontario”

Bam… got it…. 3 metres.

“OK Google, open GreenP” (an app for parking in Toronto)

Screech… “Sorry, I can’t find Grampy in your music library”

A hit and a miss. It then became faster to search then to try again.

Still missing is the context. Hmm… the person is asking for where they can park. What’s the next action they’re likely going to take? Oh… maybe open a parking app? Hmm… maybe we’ll bias a result to check for that.

There’s still lots of room to grow in virtual assistants.

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