Google Duplex and the Singularity

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I’ve been waiting for this for awhile…

Yesterday, Google announced at Google I/O a new feature of Google Assistant called Google Duplex that calls on your behalf to book appointments and reservations. It also announced that it will do its own bot-based verification of business hours and information and update Google Maps listings.

It’s interesting that the bots, based on new Wavenet speech synthesis (and probably a lot of mixed in pre-recorded audio from the voice actors), had at one point said they were calling on behalf of a client. The bot adds in a lot of natural sound ums and ahs to ensure the naturalness of the interaction.

Taking this a few steps beyond, you can imagine bots making orders with your credit card, verifying appointments, or on the flip side, being your business’ receptionist. It might be that soon, the AIs intercept each other and maybe communicate audibly over a telephone connection in their own language (inaudibly like with or Sonarax).

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Synth to Synth Communication

The extreme of this scenario is that it uses our voice and style of wording to make the calls for us and can do so at such a large volume that we lose control. .

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