Google Assistant Calling Your Parents

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It didn’t take long for people to start thinking about potential applications for Google Duplex. I loved this Funny Or Die clip (warning… language):

Even if Duplex freaks out people today, the resistance will likely break down within five years. If we’re looking ahead over that timeframe, we’ll likely see much more engaged conversations that involve Duplex or similar technology and that are offered by many different service providers besides Google.

Many years ago, we held a brainstorming sessions where we were trying to determine the next big advance. The conversation eventually converged on the idea of someone’s Gemini — an assistant who would work in the background and look after them. It was their twin

The idea of the Gemini was to take out the drudgery of everyday life so that people could focus on the more creative endeavours. It could make calls, receive calls, order items, and book reservations for the user. The closest example at the time we could think of was something like Mr. Meeseeks.

The conclusion was that the resources and data needed to create such a tool was the realm of the giants. However, we could focus on the little applications around voice that could be helpful — control of home, music, and information access — and then expand from there.

It’s really exciting to see this technology around outbound AI assistants start to break out. It make indeed free us up from many small tasks.

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