Go Fish

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I’m curious about fake fish. I haven’t tried any yet but the whole thing seems… fishy. Fishiness is not necessarily a good trait for a fish to have. Some of the more popular varieties of fish have less of a fishy smell to them. For the super-fishy varieties, like pickled herring, well, those can have a spot on a relaunch of Fear Factor.

Fake fish tries to be fish by being fishy. The closest I’ve come to fake fish is eating surimi — crab flavored pollock formed into sticks. It’s OK. But I never have a craving for surimi.

I’m sure there is a small army of former fish fans who have turned vegan who really miss an amazing tuna sandwich or fish and chips. The better fish I’ve tried mask their fishiness.

Thinking about this more, fish seems to be used often as a protein filler, with those used for sashimi being the exception. Sushi, fish and chips, fish burgers are sauced, covered in carb, or mixed in a salad like Hwe Dup Pap. For these, fake fish might be an easier solution than the unsustainable way we work with seafood today.



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