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There are quite a number of things that I’d love to see in the world. I think they’d bring a lot of joy to people, have a lot of use, and be successful products. In the perfect world, I’d have unlimited cash, a large passionate team, and great infrastructure to execute on these ideas or at least try them out. Very few of us have this situation and it can take decades to set this up and by that time, the ideas might no longer be useful.

I love Derek Siversarticle on ideas — that there’s a multiplier of ideas by execution to get the true value. Even a brilliant idea is worth just $20 if you don’t do anything with it.

If you don’t have the backing to get to “great” or “brilliant” execution, it’s better to try to give your idea away to those who can pull this off. Kevin Kelly in a recent podcast with Tim Ferriss talked about trying to give away ideas until you just have to do it yourself.

If you try to give away a brilliant idea and still no one takes it, it’s then time for your to start trying it out on your own. If you do have a track record of great or better execution, then run with your own brilliant ideas. In that case, I’ll see you under the streets of Los Angeles.

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