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I have an issue with cellphone mounts. None of them are perfect. There’s always a trade off in using different types.

The good ones require you to use a case or stick something to the back of your phone, making it harder to use wireless charging. The ones that grip well in the right spot use suction that eventually peel off, especially in hot weather. Vent mounts are wobbly or, if it’s cold outside, may lead to a phone overheating because of hot air exhausting behind them through the vents if you turn on the heat.

Tesla and some other car makers, through their infotainment systems, make mounting a phone unnecessary. You can have a larger Waze map displayed and control audio through a clear touch interface.

It’d be great if there was a nook for a phone, maybe with an insert to size it appropriately for different phone types. Maybe on newer model cars we’ll see more of this. Ultimately, it’d be great if Apple or Samsung took an initiative in developing mounts.

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