Generative Landscapes

Leor Grebler
2 min readFeb 8, 2024
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We’re getting closer to an era where reality will seamlessly be blended with the fantastical. Apple Vision Pro is one way of doing this but we area likely to see more devices similar to the Samsung’s The Frame that could bring in landscapes into the home. In addition, new projection technology can further augment the environment around us.

However, what will transform our experiences is the combination of these displays with generative AI images. Remember that scene of Mars in the original Total Recall?

Screen grab from the film Total Recall

We’re not farm from also being able to produce a parallax effect on these displays based on our position that can make these images seem even more realistic.

You can check out a browser-based version of this here (working as of February 7 2024):

Now imagine this is projected onto an entire wall and the image itself is generated within seconds based on how you’re feeling.

There is still room for innovation within the home display space and it will likely involve combining high brightness displays with the latest in generative technology.



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