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It took awhile, but Google finally announced the change in naming to Google Nest. It’s subtle but it finally indicates that five years after the Nest acquisition, it’s putting it’s name on the product.

What a weird journey. Google acquired Nest in 2014. Nest then acquired Dropcam. It was thought to be a crazy acquihire as Google was paying thousands per user.

I remember visited the Nest booth at CEDIA in 2016 and feeling like a tumbleweed was going to roll by. Google seemed to let Nest languish as top brass departed.

Google Assistant breathed new life into Nest. Turning up the temperature is a great use case (we had an early Nest integration with the Ubi). Heck, we even had a mashup that allows you to create custom commands to control your Nest from our Ubi Portal…

While Google Assistant made it to Nest Protect devices and Nest Cams, it didn’t make it to the thermostat. Maybe now it will?

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