Forget Home Hub… What About Surface Hub (2)?

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While Apple, Amazon, Samsung and Google get all the fame for their devices, Microsoft has become an innovator again. Sub, HomePod, and Max follow the same form factors but Microsoft has been pumping out new desktops, handhelds, and even AR goggles.

What I like about the Surface Hub 2 is that it can potentially create these new landscapes in the home.

Maybe it will become possible again to have wider adoption of the Winscape concept from 10 years ago…

Another thought it that companies like Nanoleaf could borrow the concept for creating even more impact. What if their lights could display images or interact via touch (like the Nanoleaf Canvas)?

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Image from CNET

What devices like Surface Hub 2 remind me is that over the next 5–10 years, there are going to be more implementations of environment changing technologies.

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