Forget About Blue Sky on Mars

Generated by author using Midjourney

In (the original) Total Recall, the protagonist buys a memory implant of a trip to Mars. Now having played more with Midjourney, I’m thinking this decision to go to Mars was a bit myopic. There could be worlds and fantasies that are much more interesting.

Seeing the constant churn of prompts and images being spewed out in the Discord channels of Midjourney makes me feel like I’m watching other people dream. There are futuristic landscapes, photorealistic demons, paintings of cities, watercolor depictions of chickens in wheelbarrows, and thousands of other made up images.

Having gone through these experiments, I’m more convinced that we are on the precipice of a revolution of content creation. The system does not yet know the emotional effect that the images it creates has on users. When that changes, it’s going to create a ratchet effect where we might lose some control.



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