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AI on its own will not make us better at serving our customers. In fact, it can lead to a distraction from doing the real hard work of making a business better. What makes businesses better? Being considerate of its customers. When there’s immense pressure put on a business to meet sales numbers, reduce costs, get a process aligned, ship a product, it is really easy to forget about the customer as the customer is an abstraction of the work we’re doing.

That’s what makes it hard work.

“Yeah, I’d love to do connect you with the right person, but they’re not in today,” or “I’d love to offer free refunds, but my shipping costs are too high” or “I’d love to update the client on the progress of the project, but I have three other clients screaming at me now.”

Resources are always limited and that usually serves as the justification for not being more considerate of the customer. What can AI do then?

First, it could be employed to determine where the most egregious sins in a process if they aren’t already revealed. It could then be used to monitor these.

However, it may not necessarily be AI that makes the difference except where larges amounts of data need to be processed and analyzed. Being considerate, one can create rules around processes that are much more basic but yet prevent misery to customers. Maybe the first step is looking at areas where we can affect a change, even if it seems minute.

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