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A few years back, we were pitching the idea of being able to order food by voice through the Ubi. I could hear eyes roll as I’d mention this in a pitch.

Today, of course, there are many Actions on Google or Alexa Skills that can do food ordering. Dominos and Pizza Hut both have voice apps, as do GrubHub, Amazon Restaurants, Starbucks. And of course you can order food items off of Amazon through voice shopping.

In terms of restaurant orders for delivery, voice ordering should be very straightforward. There are really two scenarios that work well:

1) Initiating a previous or favourite order by voice

2) Being offered a daily special and being asked to order.

There are a few examples of decision trees or NLU interactions for building up a complex order but on a headless device, this is tedious at best. Much better is to keep things extremely simple.

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