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It used to be that the Echo Dot set the minimum for getting a first party Alexa hardware product. That’s not the case any longer. The Echo Flex takes on the title. The newest low (and I admit I might have missed others) is about $17. I also missed something interesting. There are two “Made for Amazon” accessories for the Echo Flex — a night light and a motion sensor, all for about the same price as the device itself.

There’s a USB port at the bottom of the device that can provide power or possibly be used as an input. This is great! It gives hardware developers the ability to create some unique experiences powered by the Echo Flex (just be careful if the idea is too good).

Again, I reminisce about the Ubi and how it had such a similar form factor and even had the USB port that we had planned for future expansion. Maybe if we could make it competitive at 1/10 the price we were selling it at and 100x the capability, we’d have had more success.

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