Flattening the Haircut Curve

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Over the next few months, a few services are going to see a surge in customer volume. They’re going to go from famine to feast very quickly. Just like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, haircuts and nail treatments are going to be hard to get for awhile. Non-emergency medical visits are also going to see a huge bump. Hopefully, haircutters are still honing their skills on pets and plants, preparing for the wave.

Services that have gotten by on pen and paper booking are going to have a much more difficult time dealing with the volume and taking advantage of open slots for appointments dealing with new demand. Appointments are going to be missed, there will be waiting lists that won’t get used, and there will be data entry errors from literal overwriting. What if a stylist gets sick? How do we handle the 15 appointments he had booked?

This wave may prompt a levelling up technology use. It might be from physical calendar to electronic one, from electronic calendar to appointment management system, from a system to an automated attendant (like CallJoy or similar). Those at the top of their game (probably orthodontists) might roll out new features from these systems first, like AI-driven booking where some slots are overbooked.

The wave will pass but hopefully we’ll be able to benefit from technology being pushed out to more corners.

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