Five Years Since the Ubi’s Launch

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Today marks five years since we launched the Ubi on Kickstarter. It was one of the first Internet-connected voice operated computers that was far field capable to hit the market. The world has changed significantly since then but we’ve been able to pass through a few major milestones:

  • We shipped the Ubi! We were able to overcome significant challenges both in running a startup as well as technological to get our product our to our backers.
  • We were able to transform UCIC from a consumer electronics hardware company to one that helps other companies add voice to their hardware.
  • We were able to integrate dozens of new technologies and develop infrastructure to help implement voice quickly.

Over this time, voice when from obscurity to mainstream and now there is now question that we were on to something back then. Over the next five years, here’s to hoping for very exciting new interfaces and the seamless integration of AI into applications.

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