Finally Translating

Leor Grebler
1 min readFeb 7, 2024
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One of the greatest pleasures in working with technology is checking back after a period of time to see a device or service make a huge leap forward. This was the case with asking Alexa for a word in a different language.

For years, translation by voice through virtual assistant was the domain of Google Assistant. Google just crushed at this. That being said, it was limited in certain languages. Alexa would putter along or cop out with “check the app”. Pfftt… I’m not checking any app. That’s the whole point of a voice-first interface.

Not this time. Now anymore.

Alexa is able to translate to the languages and text to speech services supported on AWS. It does this smoothly and the speech synthesis is fantastic and realistic. It sounds better than I remember Google’s did (and I’d need to go back and compare with Google today).

Can you make a list of 10 technologies that you’ve neglected to check out over the past year? Maybe it was a hyped out technology like VR 5 years ago. Care to see what it looks like now?

If you want a pick me up and to remember that we live in incredible times, take a moment to do this test.



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