Featured Bugs or Buggy Features?

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I tried to turn a bug into a feature but it ended up making me feel like I cut corners to say that I shipped.

Recently, I released a Skill. It’s like Simon Says but you get to pick the name. It’s called Your Name Says. It doesn’t really operate as I hoped it would. A few things that trouble me:

  • It was designed to run in an endless loop until a user exits. It doesn’t. It gives up after about 15 turns.

For the latter, I didn’t see a clear way of debugging. For the former, I tried in Voiceflow to figure out what I was doing wrong. I lost patience trying to debug. In the end, I added a phrase at the beginning to say that the user had to come back to the Skill to play again.

Not elegant, but it turned a bug into a feature.

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