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I’ve professed my love of Boomerang. It’s made it super easy to ensure that emails I send don’t fall through the cracks. It also added a feature called “Respondability” that shows whether an email I’ve written is likely to be responded to.

It’s a fantastic tool and I’ve now used it for some time, with emails showing up in my Inbox that I’ve decided to Boomerang if there’s no reply. Well, it looks like Google has caught up on this feature.

First, Google was suggesting replies to email, likely based on what I’ve previously written but maybe there was some aspect of how “respondable” was the language I used. Now, emails are showing up again in my Inbox if the recipient hadn’t responded.

I do love this feature but I fear that Google’s feature encroachment will dissuade companies like Boomerang from coming out with similarly beneficial products. Google, why not just buy Boomerang? Maybe it’s Google’s NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome taking hold?

If you create APIs to develop around your product, don’t be evil. Don’t do it with the intent of taking the idea for your own.

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