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In the coming six to eight months, listening to fan theories is going to be a necessity to prolonging the enjoyment of many TV shows that just aren’t going to be showing up because of COVID. Show creators might be smart to leverage this audience generated content and even call out to it more.

Back in 2001, I remember how excited I was for the next season of Survivor to air. Websites and forums like Survivor Fever and Survivor Sucks (unfortunately, replaced with websites of ill repute now) were great at predicting what would happen in the episodes and promoting fan participation. I had even remember the morning of 9/11 thinking about how slow the web was in trying to access news on the upcoming Survivor season (Survivor 3 — Africa).

With the coming famine of new produced content, it’s becoming just as entertaining to watch well produced independent videos about fan theories. We’re going to see these get even better over the next six to eight months.

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