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Is the Eye of Sauron Voice Activated?

Earlier this week, GE announced a concept for a lamp that was integrated with Alexa Voice Service. Here’s the video:

In Stacey Higginbotham’s weekly “Stacey Knows Things” email, she states that “we think it’s strange-looking.” I agree. It resembles an all seeing eye.

However, this type of lamp could be a boon for those who having hearing impediments and might want to still be able to command things through voice but see a confirmation of the receipt of information without a full screen interaction.

The eye… oops… lamp resembles the ring on the Echo. This might be a branding feature to come to AVS-enabled devices. It’s a great visual indicator of direction arrival, receipt of command, muting of device, volume, and other events.

We’ll probably see this become more prominent in future AVS-product releases.

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