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A few years ago at CES, I was really impressed with a demo of voice emotion detection. At that point, the company that was presenting this technology was one of the only ones on the market. The only previous technology that I could remember that demoed the ability to detect emotion via voice was the lie detection software that was running during a call in the movie Sneakers.

We’re already seeing a bunch of emotion technologies become democratized and commoditized. At least a dozen companies after SDKs or APIs for detection emotion through language use (IBM Bluemix / Watson has this capability) or facial expression (e.g. Microsoft Cognitive Services). A few have released voice emotion SDKs (Beyond Verbal and Good Vibrations).

We’ll likely see emotion be implemented in major voice services over the next year. The next challenge will be how can we automatically tailor a response based on the detected emotion.

PS — here’s a great rundown of the different services for emotion:

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