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The big news out a few days ago was that Google Home devices outsold Echo devices in Q1 2018. However, this is a small part of the picture. The bigger picture when looking at smart speakers is not only how many Amazon Echos were sold but how many Alexa-enabled speakers were sold.

While there have been announcements of third party devices with Google Assistant, only a few are shipping. Amazon, on the other hand, has dozens if not hundreds of third party device makers shipping Alexa-enabled product. If you add these to the devices that are shipping, it’s likely that Amazon is outselling with Alexa endpoints.

The counter argument by Google is that if you add in all of the Android or Google app-using iOS devices that are out there, it has many more endpoints for Google Assistant. Granted, Amazon could counter back again with the number of Amazon App installs that also have Alexa built in.

What matters more than the first party device unit sales are:

  1. How much new revenue is being driven through Alexa or Google Assistant?
  2. How much are these devices being used. 2B. Ambiantly?

This is the info I’d love to learn!

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