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Since rumours are abounding about a new Echo sometime next year, it made me think about what I’d want from the device to improve it:

  • Gesture / wave based button push. Nothing is worse than calling Alexa, not getting a response, then touching the Alexa button with batter covered hands. OK, there are a lot of worse things, but being able to wave instead of touching would be great.
  • Base illumination. It’d be great to get the ring to cast or project light around it to make it more visible.
  • Sensors. I’d be good to know if someone is home, what the temperature in the home is, noise level, etc. This was a really cool aspect of the Ubi that was under utilized.
  • Better sound. I’m not an audiophile by any means but the Echo Dot isn’t great with sound. The next mantra for the Echo should be “look like a Dot, sound like an elephant.”

These aren’t complaints about the Echo as it is today, just areas where it might be able to continue to edge forward against HomePod or Google Home.

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