The hotel room is ripe for voice interaction but the arguments against voice in such a setting have held up for awhile:

- Privacy concerns
- Learning new voice commands
- Difficulty in managing setup

Amazon made considerable movement forward with Alexa for Business, enabling the provisioning of Echos in meeting rooms. Similarly, this could be used to setup many Echos for hotel rooms and to configure services that can be accessed by guests. Alexa for Hospitality does this.

The most exciting feature that is listed as “coming soon” is the ability for guests to configure these Echos [temporarily] to their Amazon account and access all of their own services and features. This makes the hotel room like home and brings Alexa into ubiquity.

What could make this more exciting? Maybe this provisioning of a persona could be done automatically. You walk into your hotel room and because the Alexa app on your phone detects you’re in your hotel room, it can register the hotel room’s Echo to your account… “Alexa, play my playlist.”

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