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By Dllu — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Once someone gets over the initial pain of setting up Uber as a passenger, getting around is very simple and there is a freedom that is almost equivalent to having access to your vehicle.

Sometimes, it’s even better because you don’t need to worry about parking or finding your way around. You can also get some work done (like writing part of this post). The downside comes when you need anything more than a normal trip.

If you need a car seat or have a complicated pick up location, then it can become a little bit trickier to use the service. Oh, and if your cellphone is down to 2%.

Thinking more about how having a distributed workforce can reduce the cost of access, I’m wondering about other services that could offered. House or apartment cleaning on demand, onsite tailoring, lawn mowing or snow removal, etc. No doubt there are already an abundance of startups in these areas.

Maybe the breakout success will need to look at things that don’t require much customization, hold little sentimental attachment to the user, and are a nuisance to organize.

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