Dude, Where’s My Echo?

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We’re still waiting for the Echo Auto to make it’s way to the wild. Of all of the releases in September from the Amazon Alexa announcement carpet bombing, the Echo Auto seemed like technologically one of the most difficult.

Why? An after market microphone array that can reliably pick up voice and do acoustic echo cancellation in different vehicles is VERY HARD. The device can be mounted in different ways, you can have speakers in two positions (driver or passenger), there’s a large reverberant surface behind where it is normally mounted, and there is a lot of noise from the road.

At least according to a few posts on Amazon.com, Autos are making it out to customers. Heck there is even a setup video:

What’s interesting is that the app can add a delay to the Echo response to make up for the occasional Bluetooth audio delays. Ideally, this should be done automatically as the delay can shift.

The Echo Auto was a direct blow to a few products that were on the market with AVS. Just be announcing availability of the product, Amazon was likely able to stifle sales. Let’s hope it can at least provide a great product for employing this strategy. The biggest question that will remain is…

“And then?…”

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