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Who would you choose as your double bubble? The idea that you can extend your quarantine to another family is an interesting social experiment. With the lifting of restrictions in some areas, it might be one that’s short lived but in our next quarantine period, we may find ourselves registering our apps (or chips) for a double bubble, and getting fined 1 credit for every violation of social distancing outside our bubble.

Maybe we’ll get a triple bubble or quadruple bubble as things get better or worse. Is the bubble based on households or total number of people? Maybe there’s a score based on mobility of the individuals?

Maybe it’s capped at close exposure to 30 people and only a certain number in the bubble are allowed to go to grocery stores or shopping elsewhere? Maybe only essential workers can make up there own bubble (or wait… is that a bad idea?).

I think we’re going to see us quantify how much we love our families soon.

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