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Black Friday strikes a bit early with more dottiness. Again, we’re seeing a bottoming out of Echo Dot prices at just under $20. We saw this last year with the Eufy device going for this price. This year, it’s the 2nd gen Echo. The New Echo is only $5 more, which seems like a good deal for what it can handle. All across the product line, there are heavy discounts.

The same goes for third party AVS integrations. Just take a look at this deal for Staples in Canada for the Harman/Kardon Invoke AVS device…

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That’s Canadian dollars (so about $38 USD).

The Google Home Mini is also more than 50% off at $35 CAD/$25USD.

The HomePod will be stalwart and only have a modest $100 off (likely).

Echo Look is 75% off at $49.99 (it’s still weird).

The takeaway is that it’d be tough to be a third party speaker maker trying to compete on the grounds of having Alexa built in. These speaker makers now need to bank on other differentiators for their product.

There are still things to work on here. In the meantime, I’ll wait for these devices to break the $19.99 bottom.

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