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One service I tried to deal with this evening put me on hold for 40 minutes and I hung up with the issue unresolved. While I had three other good experiences with this company, the fourth time they completely dropped the ball in a way that was infuriating. Why was it infuriating? It seemed so simple to resolve their problems with no technical cost.

The small things this company failed to provide:

  • A confirmation email with the order details

You’d think I was talking about a ma and pa shop, but this was a 30+ year old publicly traded company with a market cap of over a billions dollars and a retail focus since inception.

Companies like this one are ripe for disruption. They’re handle of the industry is from fortifying their relationship with suppliers rather than focusing on the user experience. Eventually, their moats will dry out and their marketshare eroded quickly.

Why? It’s obvious they don’t really care. The future belongs to those who care.

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