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Disney knows how to license. Amazon knows how to sell. I seemed to have missed the combination of the two in the Disney version of the Echo wall Clock. The additional branding adds 67% to the price of the unbranded clock. I suppose it’s worth it if someone wants to please their kid who’s a Mickey fiend.

I’m wondering about the Echo branding on a device that doesn’t have voice capability. This is more of a “works with Alexa” type of device as there’s no independent voice input (requires a separate Echo device to run). Why not any wall clock or digital timer?

Lametric is a great example of a potential “works with” type of device. It can display almost anything on it. We had announced an integration with it waaaay back during the Ubi days.

The Lametric clock (from Lametric)

Maybe Amazon should reserve the Echo name for devices that can actually be interacted with through voice?

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