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I brought home my Google Home and despite overcoming the mountain of resistance to plug it in, it’s still not connected. It didn’t do anything wrong. I had it at the office and it was connected to one WiFi network and I happen to have a different WiFi network at home. I never bothered to go through the setup process again to get it connected.

For some reason, I thought it would connect automatically. All my Homes fall under the same account, even if they’re on different networks in different locations. Couldn’t they figure something out?

One method the Home could employ is to broadcast its own SSID when disconnected from a WiFi network, and have other Google Home devices identify this and alert me on my phone that this device needs to be connected. Or, they could connect to the device and complete the setup on my behalf.

Maybe we’re a few years away from finally getting over this problem. Amazon is already getting there with its connected device solutions.

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