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I took a train home after work yesterday and it was a route I hadn’t used in over a year. I was rushing and was excited that I had caught a train in the direction I needed to go.

However, my thrill turned to dread as I begin to think that I might have taken the wrong train. Stations were whisking by without the train stopping. There were no announcements. The train only listed the terminal station, about 100 km away.

Fortunately, the station I wanted to go to was a stop and the train let me off.

This scenario plays out all of the time. Today, again, we were uncertain of whether we were going to the right place because the information line wasn’t answering. Fortunately, it did.

Recently, I was worried that a taxi was taking me to the wrong place even after all my looking up of information.

What was common in these situations?

  • Anxiety

Posting more information would have resolved this worry. Self service isn’t just to reduce inbound inquiries… it’s to make everyone’s life better.

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