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Every few months, I try to write a post exclusively using voice. By the term “using voice”, I mean using voice dictation on an Android phone and Gboard. Here at the end of 2018, it’s still not a great experience.

For example, using the quotation marks above, I had to go back afterwards and correct. I’m also writing this post while supervising two fully bipedal girls and occasionally having to correct for some exclamation that made it into the voice typing.

My wish list for 2019 for speech to text and voice typing would be:

  • A much more accurate experience, especially when needing to use non word parts of speech (commas and quotations)
  • The ability to attach the audio to the message so that if something doesn’t come across correctly on the first pass, the recipient can review the audio.
  • Continuous microphone input that doesn’t time out when someone pauses in their speech and allows a person to think for a longer period of time before saying what they want to say for their message.

Here’s to an accurate 2019!

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