Leor Grebler
1 min readJul 11, 2020
Restoration of ecco homo —

I enjoyed the Jason Boog’s article in Towardsdatascience on Long Form writing with GTP-2. It makes me think about what’s ahead of us when we have indistinguishable speech synthesis with indistinguishable text generation.

It might be that we can use these for voice mail, outbound calls, or other services. Imagine Google Duplex with your voice and language style calling nearby stores for inventory. Duplex is already doing this to check for hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

For example, what if I could check all the local garden centres for their pepper plant inventories so I wouldn’t have to leave home? My query could be used to update Google’s databases of available inventory. Advertisers could then target me with appropriate ads knowing that this is something I’m looking for.

While we might worry about the bad consequences of us being faked with extreme precision, we might be missing the extreme benefits of the technology.

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